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Eric Vanel's figurative sculptures take us to the frontiers between reality and fantasy. His works are made of bronze and resin. In his past life, Eric Vanel was an engineer, which allowed him to quickly appropriate the technical constraints related to these materials.

Trained by sculptors of international recognition who mark the current figurative revival, such as Grzegorz Gwiazda, Robert Bodem, Brian Booth Craig, Eudald de Juana, and Philippe Seené, his work is noticed in several competitions and fairs in France (Mention at the Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Prix de Sculpture de Barbizon) and abroad (FACE, Salon Art Renewal Center).

Eric Vanel's works can be found in private collections in France and Germany. He exhibits in art galleries (traditional or online) and the main French art fairs (Salon d'Automne, Art Capital, Terre et Flamme, etc.). He also happens to work to order. He is preparing a book that will present his sculpture work and the process of creating his works. Its publication is scheduled for the end of 2023.


Artistic approach

Eric Vanel seeks to touch the soul. His living figurative sculptures, with powerful and expressive attitudes, tell stories that provoke emotion, by raising questions, and take us on a journey between reality and fantasy worlds. The artist's favorite themes are the strength and intensity of the feminine, and the personification of the wild world.

Nourished by ancient myths and the imaginary worlds of modern literature, Eric Vanel's work of sculpture takes its inspiration from the Italian Renaissance (Bernini), the neo-baroque of Carpeaux, or the contemporary work of Grzegorz Gwiazda.

Each sculpture is first modeled in clay, on a semi-flexible frame that leaves formal research open. By the choice of the pose, the gaze, the path of the light, each character is impregnated with an experience, with an extra soul that gives life to it. The molding is done on raw clay, to guarantee a perfect transcription in bronze. The colors of the patina, the final touch of the work, fully participate in its message.

In front of the sculpture, the spectator is the witness of a presence, of a fragment of life imbued with mystery, which resonates with his own journey: the encounter between determination, sensitivity and boldness.

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